You know what you want… but do you know what you need?

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This session aims at getting participants to question their general teaching style and preferred approach in an attempt to explore a more focussed student centred approach. By providing an overview of 3 stereotypes from a disciplined course book/curriculum led teacher to a liberal, and to a certain extent, random teacher, participants will discuss and compare the characteristics of these styles, their pros and cons, and their place in today’s ELT classroom. This focus of the session will then shift to an authentic example of a student using a student profile consisting of background details, a piece of written work focussing on his reasons for learning English and a full video interview. Participants will be asked to analyse and discuss the information providing in an attempt to list the wants and needs of the student in order to emphasise the differences between them. This needs/wants analyses is then followed up with a collaborative session that aims to provide the student with recommendation based on the above, together with the best methods on how to handle the gap between the student’s perception of his own needs and teacher’s evaluation of the student’s needs.


In closing, a discussion will be held in order to clarify how the student centred approach still fits within a course that is majorly course book or curriculum based and how one can benefit from the best of both worlds.

A very eye-opening session.

It gets you thinking about your own style and helps you focus on what’s important… very engaging.
Keith Borg Micallef
(Teacher/Teacher trainer)

Learning outcomes


By the end of the session participants will:

  • Be able to identify student wants based on analyses of information.
  • Be able to identify student needs based on analyses of language and information provided.
  • Have reflected on their general teaching style and questioned the effectiveness of it.
  • Be able to provide a more personalised plan for leaners of English.