TEFL Cert.

At TETRA we have carefully designed a TEFL Cert. course that provides our candidates with more than just the basic knowledge required to successfully teach English as a Foreign Language. Our ever evolving programme combines instruction with hands-on experience to empower you with the tools and abilities that will allow you to thrive in today’s EFL classroom.

By keeping our finger on the pulse we have adapted our course to reflect the ever changing demands of the industry. Over the years learners have become more target oriented, more academically focused and more specific with regard to their needs. This notion has helped shape our TEFL Cert. courses in a way that provides the candidate with an individual, personalised experience that allows you to evolve into the role of the teacher by focusing on your own strengths.

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TEFL Cert. Part-time Course Information

TEFL Cert. Course March/April Session

Start date:                     13th April 2018

End date:                       17th May 2017

Schedule:                      Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Sample Time table:

Session #1:        5.30pm till 7.00pm

Break:                7.00pm till 7.15pm

Session #2:        7.15pm till 8.45pm

Set Text:

“How to Teach English” Jeremy Harmer

Recommended Texts:

“About Language” Scott Thornbury

“An Introduction to Language” Fromkin and Rodman

“Learning and Teaching English” Cora Lindsay and Paul Night

“Learning Teaching” Jim Scrivener

“An A to Z of ELT” Scott Thornbury

“Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching”

“Practical English Usage” Michael Swan

“Grammar for English Language Teachers” Martin Parrot

“How to Teach Grammar” Scott Thornbury

“How to Teach Vocabulary” Scott Thornbury

Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS

Location of the St. Julian’s English School

Our Sprachcaffe school is situated in Pembroke, near the picturesque town of St. Julian’s. Many buildings in the area, including the school complex, are from the colonial era and have a decidedly British feel style.

Inside the St. Julian’s English School

An overview of the facilities in the St. Julian’s English school:

  • Well-equipped classrooms with facilities for the disabled
  • All classrooms located on campus are air-conditioned
  • Library and common room for studying
  • Internet access – free access to computers at reception


Booking and price list

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TEFL Cert.
Level 4 EQF
45 Contact hours
1 Hour teaching practice
Experienced trainers
Fully interactive sessions
Gamified progression system
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Exam Preparation Course
English A-Level Equivalent
30 Contact hours
Past papers provided
Full mock exam at end of the course
Review session before the exam
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Special Offer
Book both courses and save
Save €25
All-in-one package
75 Contact hours
Full length mock exam
Post mock revision session
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Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS is an ELT council approved TEFL Cert. provider