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Global esports revenues grew 38 percent to $906 million in 2018 and will grow further to $1.65 billion by 2021, according to a new annual report on esports by market researcher Newzoo. Newzoo has also just adjusted its audience figures upward, from 131 million Esports Enthusiasts to 148 million. Combined with the 144 million Occasional Viewers (those who watch esports less than once a month and mostly tune in for a big event or watch along with someone else), the total audience will reach 292 million.


Our aim is to create a paradigm shift where esports is considered as an acceptable, recommended and respected pathway for individuals by educating the public, both young and old, through an engaging, transparent and pedagogically sound approach.


Many young people hide from society, playing computer games and not moving forward with their lives. It could be they’ve lost confidence, or face daily anxiety issues. Malta Esports Academy helps young people become self-assured citizens by offering a qualification, creating a culture of teamwork and helping them find apprenticeships or work with the assistance of the esports industry. 


When interacting with virtual environments, students leave behind their passive role in the education process and can have fun while asking questions, socialising, and solving problems. These kind of online games make the students decision-makers and allow them to learn through trial and error, receiving immediate feedback for their actions.

What is MESA?

MESA is a place for young people to come and feel comfortable while learning together and learning from each other, using video gaming and esports to build futures. It’s a place where ideas are shared, and individuals can explore their passions with the support of trainers and industry professionals.

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Thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme, you might be eligible for a 75% tax rebate on the cost of any of our MQF accredited courses.