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TETRA'S Spring CPD Sessions

4th April 2020


TETRA’s CPD sessions are designed and created by teachers for teachers. We look at the classroom experience as a whole with a particular focus on engagement. We want you to feel the way your students feel, by putting you in their shoes. Our intention is to empower and to nurture empathy whilst providing you with the tools to make your experience in the class more effective, efficient and rewarding

Price: €8 per hour

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Session Schedule

Tetra's Spring CPD Sessions

Saturday 4th April 2020

830 am – Registration

0845 am – TEFL Skills Toolkit (part 1)

1045 am – TEFL Skills Toolkit (part 2)

1245 pm – It’s all fun and games

1500 pm – Personal Development and Goal Setting

Price: €8 per hour

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Venue - Level Academy, 5, Triq K. Galea. Birkirkara

session descriptors

TEFL Skills Toolkit

A large segment of the foreign student population in Malta over the year comes to class with a solid foundation of passive knowledge related to grammar and vocabulary – The students have had ample instruction and “practice” with the systems but not much when it comes to actual communicative skills practice. One of the main reasons for students to travel the distance is to put themselves in a position where they have the opportunity or are even forced to communicate with others in English. This 4-hour session will cover a collection of engaging and hands-on activities that promote interaction and target the 4 skills and their subskills with efficiency and effectiveness.

It's all fun and games - learning language through play

In today’s information and activity intense world, engagement is one of a teacher’s biggest challenges. We take a look at the importance of the fun factor in class through a series of hands-on activities and games. We will reflect on what we have experienced and see what the dangers are, if any, of having too much fun in class.

Personal Development and Goal Setting

Teachers, top level athletes and successful entrepreneurs all set goals. Setting goals provides a focus and vision which brings about motivation. Gaining adequate knowledge on how to achieve a target plays a crucial part in goal setting. By specifying goals and setting milestones you can measure success and room for development. Having a focused mindset and pre-determined objectives also raises your self-confidence, as you appreciate own ability and competence in achieving the goals. The content above will be delivered though the following contexts with a focus on EFL teachers.