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Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Malta

The importance of the ELT segment to our tourism industry can perhaps be summed up by the fact that ELT attracts some 80,000 visitors to our islands every year, amounting to nearly 5% of total tourist arrivals to our islands.


Putting it simply – these visitors need teachers – and that is where we come in.


Let’s start off by answering your questions

What do I need to become an English teacher?

If you are under 21 years-old:

  • A TEFL induction certificate (approved by the ELT council)
  • A pass in TELT or an A’ Level in English (minimum grade C)
  • A Pass in SEPTT
  • A matriculation standard of education (42 points in your A-levels)
  • A clean police conduct

If you are over 21 years-old:

  • A TEFL induction certificate (approved by the ELT council)
  • A pass in TELT or an A’ Level in English (minimum grade C)
  • A pass in SEPTT
  • A clean police conduct

What is the TEFL induction certificate?

This is what you get when you successfully complete our 60-hour* TEFL Cert. Course. This is the course that teaches you how to teach the language. Many think that through this course you learn the details of the English language – the grammar, rules and bits and bobs of the language – this is where the many are wrong. We have another course for that.


This is the fun one – this is the course that shows you how to engage and facilitate. Forget those boring lectures and lessons. Our sessions take on a workshop style where you, the candidate, are the main participant. We show you how to be the most effective, efficient, engaging and hands-on teacher that you can be.


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What is TELT?

TELT is a proficiency examination for would-be ELT teachers that provides alternative certification for those that do not have an A-level in English. It is held three times a year, usually in March, May and November and is designed to assess candidates in two main areas:


1) Language description, sensitivity and awareness
2) Language proficiency


We have carefully designed an engaging 30-hour TELT preparation course that takes you on a journey of discovery… well actually… This is “the other course” that we were talking about up above. This is the one that really gets down to the nitty-gritty details of the English language. This is where we get to know what we call things, why we say things and even how we should say things. True… it might not be the most exciting prospect for a course – but trust us – we know how to get you involved, engaged and most importantly confident in the above mentioned areas in preparation for the exam.


Click the pic on the left to download a recent past paper. Give it it a shot. 


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What is SEPTT?

SEPTT is the Spoken English Proficiency Test for Teachers. This is an oral exam that assess candidates on their ability to communicate within the context of ELT. Candidates are assessed in the following areas:


  1. Teacher discourse
  2. Coherence and cohesion
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Grammar


The SEPTT exam is only available to those that have completed a TEFL Cert. course. Applications will be accepted upon presentation of a TEFL induction course certificate. Luckily for you, preparation for this exam is included for free during our 60-hour* TEFL cert. course.

Is there any funding available for this?

Yes, there is! Thanks to the Training Pays Scheme from Jobs Plus, you might be eligible for a 75% refund on the cost of both our TEFL cert. and TELT courses.


Don’t worry about all the bureaucracy that usually comes with funding because this one is extremely straight forward. We provide you with all the documents you need from our end including the relevant application form and even guide you through the whole process.  It couldn’t be easier.

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