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TETRA’s CPD sessions are designed and created by teachers for teachers. We look at the learning experience as a whole with a particular focus on engagement. We want you to feel the way your students feel, by putting you in their shoes. Our intention is to empower and to nurture empathy whilst providing you with the tools to make your experience in the class or online more effective, efficient and rewarding.


This time round we have taken teacher training and learning online.




The first few months of 2020 have seen drastic changes around the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown of towns, cities, regions and entire countries.  Many businesses have been put to a very hard test through an economic and labour shock; the ELT industry in many countries has been hit hard with significant declines in revenue, insolvencies and job losses.  Sustaining business has become a challenge following travel bans, border closures and quarantine measures. Consumers in many economies are unable or reluctant to purchase services.


One of the first and hardest hit countries in the EU has been Italy, with the immediate lockdown of the red zone Lombardy in the end of February 2020. Life for citizens living in the North of Italy and for those working in English schools has changed drastically.  Market leaders in the ELT industry have been forced to pioneer in online education offering flexible and innovative solutions. The British Institutes Group in Italy, counting over 120 centres, Directors of Studies and school staff across the peninsula and over 1,800 teachers, has been successfully steering through the COVID-19 storm, providing jobs and services to staff and students.  


The Vice Director of the British Institutes group , owner and manager of the second largest English school in the country, British Institutes Milan, has been leading an overwhelming transformation that has invested not only the day to day school operations but also finance, administration, marketing, qualifications and assessment. In very little time Mr. Enrico Goffredo has not only managed to save his school from an economic collapse but also support the educational transition and new market positioning for his network.


The Academic Department of the British Institutes, already involved in research and development of digital teaching and assessment solutions, has swiftly embraced the teaching transition supporting staff development and providing continuous online training for directors of studies and teachers. 


In collaboration with Fabiana Pica, Academic Director of BI Group, our 21st Century Teacher webinar provides an overview and insight of what it means to teach online. Participants will familiarise with an online classroom and take part in learning activities. The webinar will be initiated by the host giving a brief introduction of the session outline and aims. The session is developed over a short presentation  of the main differences between face to face and online teaching, the key skills teachers need, the strategies and tools that become necessary in the online classroom, followed by a series of practical activities which participants experiment online. These include using a chat box, using the microphone and webcam, completing online polls, quizzes and games. Participants will actively take part in group discussions in “break out rooms”, comparing and sharing ideas and opinions.  


Date: 22nd April 2020

Time: 11:00 – 13:00

Price: Free


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Session Schedule

Tetra's Online CPD Sessions

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

1045 am – Login begins

1100 am – Sessions starts

1200 am – Break

1205 am – Session resumes

1300 pm – Session ends

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session descriptor

Course objectives

The webinar will provide insight to the online classroom and help teachers feel more confident; it will encourage teachers to experiment the virtual classroom and feel at ease. Our aim is to: Familiarise participants with online teaching platforms and basic platform features and functions. Develop awareness in planning for an online lesson. Transfer a face to face teaching model to an online context.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will Reflect on and understand the differences between face to face and online teaching. Develop skills for managing an online classroom and developing a rapport with students. Understand how to transition to a new teaching approach and adapt teaching techniques to the new environment, selecting resources and tools for the digital classroom. Be able to plan for and deliver effective online lessons.

Mode of delivery

The webinar will be delivered online by the hosts in the form of an interactive talk. Participants will receive an email with instructions on how to join the session upon booking confirmation. Participants will be using tools and resources to interact amongst themselves and with the hosts during the session. Participants will be participating in a Q&A session and small discussion groups. Certificates will be delivered digitally via email after the session.

Technical requirements and recommendations

Required: Smart phone (android or iOS) or PC / Mac with headset and microphone and an Internet connection. Recommended: Webcam

Your Host

Fabiana Pica has been working in EFL teaching and teacher training for close to 25 years. As a native english speaker raised in southern California, Fabiana has a degree in Education, CELTA and TEYL qualifications, and she currently acts as Academic Director to a group of European language schools providing induction and training for teachers and DOS'. Her publications include a short course on English for Lawyers and Direction Academic Guidelines for Young Learners Programmes (2009). Amidst the Covid-19 emergency, Fabiana aided British Institutes group in Italy(with over 100 centres across Italy) in transitioning from face-to-face (F2F) classrooms to an online teaching environment with instructional training sessions on teaching techniques and online platform usage. Fabiana is Project Manager for ESAT Malta and as the international representative for ESB International , she manages a project to transition the training of examination staff from F2F to online.